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Dollar vs Yen 26 Oct 2009

The yen to dollar pair continued the recent strong rally once again on Friday, ending the trading session with another wide spread up candle, adding to that of Thursday, and more importantly breaking above the minor resistance level in the 91.50 price region, suggesting that...

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Yen to USD : Daily Forex Analysis

Dollar Yen Forex Chart 24 Sep 2009 Forex Technical Analysis :  Yen to USD The yen to dollar pair continues to grind lower as the bearish sentiment continues to hold sway, with Tuesday’s wide spread down bar adding further momentum to the move down, with...

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Yen To USD – Currency Chart 23rd September 2009

Daily Forex Analysis: Yen to USD The yen to dollar pair confirmed once again how difficult this major is to trade, with Monday’s wide spread up bar which breached both the 9 and 14 day moving averages, having been promptly engulfed in yesterday’s currency trading...

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