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Latest Currency News On TV

The Dukascopy TV channel is a great way to get the latest currency and other news before it happens. The channel is updated twice a day, with a morning preview of the major market announcements, followed by a midday update with analysis of the trends and trading volumes. In addition you will find links to the trading calendar which is updated in real time, with explanations of all the major fundamental news, along with forecasts and explanations of the likely numbers. The calendar highlights the importance of those releases which are likely to have a major impact on the market.

On the right hand side at the bottom of the screen you will find a small menu button, and hovering over this will pop up all the options available. You can watch the latest news on screen, watch the TV archives, or click on the market watch which will open in a new window with live prices for currency, commodities and principle stocks, along with a scrolling live news commentary across a variety of markets. To get back to the home page simply hover over the button and the menu will reappear. I hope you enjoy this exciting new feature and find it useful in your trading analysis.