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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to another of my sites which is now being upgraded along with several others. This one is dedicated to news concerning the USD/JPY currency pair, and in particular looking at the currencies from a technical perspective. The site will be updated daily, with my suggestions on where the currency pair may be moving in the future along with news and information affecting the two currencies.

I hope you will find it useful and informative and the first article will be posted on Monday 26th January in the morning so please check back then. Each day I will update the site with a look back at the previous day, and perhaps more importantly to look forward to what I think my be happening in the future, primarily using candlestick charts, support and resistance and other technical indicators, such as simple moving averages. I am also developing a new site which will purely look at the fundamental outlook for both currencies, and the effect that the daily releases of economic data will have on the Japanese Yen( data such as the Tankan survey ) and the US Dollar ( for data in the US)

Many thanks for visiting and I look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Kind regards